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HO, HO, HO, Merry Christmas


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You better not pout! You better not cry! You better not shout! I'm telling you why! Santa Claus is coming to town.

Hi boys and Girls. Mrs. Claus and I are hard at work here at the North Pole making all the toys for Christmas this year and getting ready to bring them to all the special kids of the world. Did you know that you are a very special person? That's right you are very, very, special because there isn't anyone else in the whole world exactly like you. So be proud and write me a letter at the North Pole. I would like to hear from every boy and girl in the world and I promise that I will send you back an email letter to everyone who writes to me.

Tell me in your letter what special things you've done all year to help other people and especially your parents and brothers and sisters. Check other places on this site for all kinds of special information about Christmas, Me and Mrs. Claus and of course my Reindeer. As Christmas gets closer we will be adding to this site so keep checking back everyday and tell all your friends to write to me.

Oh about the Reindeer. Do you know how many I have and what we feed them? Do you know why `Rudolph' usually is out in front leading the other Reindeer? Well we'll be telling you all about these great animals as Christmas gets closer. Actually the reindeer have been getting a little pudgy because they have been sitting around all summer just munching on Tundra Grass and lots of water. They haven't had much exercise so they are putting on a little weight. But when Christmas comes and they have to pull my big sleigh and carry all those toys they will get plenty of exercise. They really love to get to your house in hopes that you have left them some cookies and milk. Some kids even leave out a little salt which is really good for reindeer. But they are easily scared so be sure you get to bed early on Christmas eve and be very quiet. If you are you may be able to hear them on the roof top.

Ho, Ho, Ho,

Merry Christmas,


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