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Praised by computer magazines

PC World: "Russ Walter is a PC

All the famous computer magazines call Russ Walters
"Boston's computer guru" and praise him for giving free
consulting even in the middle of the night Here's how they
evaluate The Secret Guide to Computers....

pioneer, a trailblazer, the user's champion Nobody does a more thorough, practical, and entertaining job of teaching PC technology His incomparable Guide receives no, and enormous practicality. It offers a generous compendium of industry gossip, buying advice, and detailed, foolproof tutorials. It's a wonderful bargain."

Byte: "The Guide is amazing If you need to understand
computers and haven't had much luck at it, or have to teach
other people about computers, or just want to read a good book
about computers, get the Guide."

Computer Currents: "Your computer literacy
quotient will always come up shelf unless you know something
about Russ Walter He's a folk hero. He knows virtually
everything about personal computers and makes learning about
computers fun. If you've given up m disgust and dismay at
reading other computer books, get the Guide. It should be next
to every PC the country PC vendors would do themselves
and then customers a big favor by packing a copy of the Guide
with every computer that goes out the door The Guide deserves
the very highest recommendation."

PC Magazine: "The Guide explains the computer
industry, hardware, languages, operating systems, and
applications in , knowledgeable and amusing fashion. It
includes Russ Welter's unbiased view of the successes and
failures of various companies, replete with inside gossip. By
working your way through it, you'll know more than many who
make their living with PCs. Whether novice or expert, you'll
learn from the Guide and have a good time doing so. No other
computer book is a better value"

Abacus: "Alternative-culture Walter provider the best
current treatment of programming languages. It's Irreverent,
reminiscent of the underground books of the 1960's. It's simple
to read, fast-paced, surprisingly complete, full of locker-room
computer gossip, and loaded with examples."
Infoworld: "Russ Walter is recognized and respected in
many pans of the country as a knowledgeable and effective
instructor. His Guide is readable, outrageous, and includes a
wealth of information."

Mac User: "It's an everything-under-one-roof computer
technology guide."

ComputerWorld: "we Guide by unconventional
computer guru Russ Welter is informative and entertaining."
Computer Shopper: "The Guide covers the entire
spectrum It's incredibly informative and amusing."

Home Office Computing: "Russ Walter is a
computer missionary who's a success story"
Classroom  Computer Learning: "Russ
Walter's courses are intensive and inexpensive."

Compute: "Russ Walter is an industry leader"
Scientific American: "The Guide is irresistible
Every msrmc60n leads to a useful result. Walter's candor
shies, he males clear the faults and foibles others ignore or
east in vague hints We effect is that of a private conversation
with a well-informed talkative friend who knows the inside
story. The text reads like the patter of a talented midnight disc
jockey; it's flip, self-deprecatory, randy, and good-humored.
His useful frank content and coherent style are unique. Fist-rate
advice on what and how to buy are part of the rich mix No
room holding a small computer and an adult learning to use it is
well equipped without the Guide

The Whole Earth Catalog in its "Coevolution
Quarterly": "The personal-computer subculture was noted for its
fierce honesty its early years. The Guide is one of the few
intro books to carry on that tradition, and the only introductory
survey of equipment that's kept up to date. Russ Welter jokes,
bitches, enthuses, condemns, and charms. We book tells the
bald truth in comprehensible language."

Omni: "Guru Russ Walter sympathizes deeply with people
facing a system crash at midnight, so he broadcasts his home
phone number and answers calls by the light of his computer,
cursors winking. He's considered an excellent teacher. His
Guide is utterly comprehensive."

Changing Times: "Russ Walter is a computer whiz
whore mission is to educate people about computers. Like a
doctor, he lets strangers call him m the middle of the night for
help with diagnosing a sick computer. His Guide covers
everything you ever wanted to know."

Esquire: "The handy Guide contains lots of fact and
opinion untainted bias."

Barron's: "Russ Walter is an expert who answers
questions for free and has been inundated by calls"





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