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What's new in the 24th edition



The Secret Guide's 24th edition, for 1998, has come off the press! The Secret Guide and our other services have been rated “best”. They've been praised on The Wall Street Journal's front page, and praised & used by CBS News, USA Today, The New York Times, PC Magazine, PC World, Infoworld, Byte, Mac User, The Australian, and dozens of other publications around the world. The 23rd edition was praised for being the best computer book ever written. This 24th edition is even better! It contains over 1,000 improvements on the 23rd edition.


Reveals our new computer world


During the past year, computer hardware has improved dramatically -- and prices have plunged -- to create a totally new computer world. The 24th edition covers this new wonderful world:

smblue.gif (870 bytes)faster CPU chips : 300-megahertz chips, Pentium 2 & AMD K6 MMX versus Pentium MMX

smblue.gif (870 bytes)bigger, faster RAM: SDRAM, 64-megabyte machines, 16 megabytes for just $44, 8M video RAM

smblue.gif (870 bytes)improved CD-ROMs: 24X, CD-Recordable, CD-RW, Digital Versatile Disks, DVD-R, DVD- RAM

smblue.gif (870 bytes) improved magnetic disks: 8-gigabyte Ultra IDE, RAID, Zip, Laser-Servo LS-120, Panasonic PD/CD

smblue.gif (870 bytes)faster modems: x2 (from 3Com & U.S. Robotics) versus K56flex (from Rockwell & Lucent) versus 33.6

smblue.gif (870 bytes)improved cheap printers: Canon's BJC-250 & BJC-4300, HP's 400L & 6L, lower price on Epson 600

smblue.gif (870 bytes)new discount dealers: PC Importers' Unicent, Cleveland commandos, Nutrend, Cybermax versus her sister

smblue.gif (870 bytes)changed reputations: hot news & controversy & advice about Apple, Quantex, Compaq, Dell, EPS

smblue.gif (870 bytes)cheaper suites: Microsoft Office Small Business Edition, Microsoft Home Essentials, Word Perfect Suite

smblue.gif (870 bytes)software-buying tricks: beta versions, academic versions, legal copying using the 80% rule

smblue.gif (870 bytes)new ratings of Internet Service Providers: IBM, EarthLink, MindSpring, Erol's, Galaxy, competitors

smblue.gif (870 bytes)new internet Web sites: devoted to menstruation, farts, dead people, your neighbors, astrological pranks

smblue.gif (870 bytes)faster ways to input: Intellimouse, Dragon's Naturally Speaking, IBM's Via Voice, Ctrl accents in Word

smblue.gif (870 bytes)Bill Gates' wealth: how much is 40 billion dollars? What's a microbill?

If you've wished for an easier way to become an up-to-date computer expert, your wait is over:

act nowl

For years, we've dreamt the computer gods would someday provide powerful computers at prices we po' folk could afford: under $1000. That day has finally come: computer prices have plunged so you can buy wonderful computers for under $1000 in your local stores -- and get even better deals using the tricks in the 24th edition. Yes, this new edition documents the American computer dream -- which is now our glorious reality. Well, semi-glorious. Though hardware prices are amazingly great, software is still a mess. You still need a manual and a helping hand to bail you out. That's why the Guide still includes the software tricks from earlier editions and still offers free help on our 24-hour hotline.


Massive pleasure


This massive edition's 639 big pages cover everything important about computers -- thousands of topics ranging from "accounting" to "zany sex". All topics are neatly grouped into 9 sections.

smblue.gif (870 bytes)Buyers guide: chips, disks, screens, printers, other hardware, software, IBM-compatibles, Apple, alternative

smblue.gif (870 bytes)Operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 3.1 & 3.11,MS-DOS, Mac system

smblue.gif (870 bytes)Word processing: Microsoft Word, Ami Pro, Q&A Write, Word Perfect

smblue.gif (870 bytes)Communication: Internet, fax, local-area networks Spreadsheets: Excel, 1-2-3 & Quattro

smblue.gif (870 bytes)Databases: Q&A File, advanced databases

smblue.gif (870 bytes)Tricky applications: graphics, desktop publishing, multimedia, accounting, personal programs, games, AI

smblue.gif (870 bytes)Programming: BASIC, DBASE, PASCAL, "C", LOGO, FORTRAN, COBOL, strange tongues, assembler

smblue.gif (870 bytes)Endnotes: repairs, our past, your future, numerical analysis, index, coupons

This up-to-date edition is detailed, frank, and easy to read. Kids love its easy English; adults love its ruthless truths.

Includes the best


  The 24th edition includes the best features of the 23rd.

For example, it turns you into an Internet expert. We reveal the heat Internet providers (so you pay less for Internet service and connect without hassles). We tell you which Internet search engine is best (much better than Yahoo and Alta Vista!) and reveal tricks for finding the answer to any question fast, without being bombarded by irrelevant sites. You'll be amazed by our shocking lists of best Internet Web sites, best Internet newsgroups, and e-mail addresses of celebrities. We explain Netscape Navigator and Internet explorer, tutor you in advanced e-mail techniques (attachments, signatures, acronyms, and forwarding), and analyze how to contribute to newsgroup by using Netiquette.

Moving beyond the Internet, we explain how send a computerized fax, create a network (free!) by using Interlnk, string network cables, and give classic Novell Netware commands. We include a tutorial on software housecleaning, which is a new concept we've invented, unlike anything you'll find in any other book. We give you the secret step-by-step procedure to make DOS, Windows 3.11, and Windows 95 run faster, better, and with fewer errors, by editing your CONFIG.SYS, AUTOEXEC.DAT, WIN.INI, .TMP, and display-driver files. Our advice is more accurate than the blather dished out by Microsoft. No longer do you need to phone us to tune up your system: the whole technique is here.

We also include:

smblue.gif (870 bytes)a tutorial on Visual BASIC for Windows

smblue.gif (870 bytes)a note on translating C to C++

smblue.gif (870 bytes)a desktop publishing chapter revealing our new publishing tricks

smblue.gif (870 bytes)a virus chapter analyzing the workings of each prevalent virus (such as Stoned, Michelangelo, Monkey, Form, Anti-CMOS, file viruses, and Word macro viruses)

smblue.gif (870 bytes)a dictionary of computer jargon

smblue.gif (870 bytes)an expanded computer industry phone book





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